John Cullinan

Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics

Bard College

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Some of my senior thesis students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in mathematics: Andrija Perunicic (Bard '08, PhD Brandeis), Mona Merling (Bard '09, PhD Chicago), Anastassia Etropolski (Bard '11, PhD Emory), Galen Dorpalen-Barry (Bard '15, PhD student at Minnesota), Rylan Gajek-Leonard (Bard '16, Cambridge Part III, PhD student at UMass).

My research is primarily in arithmetic geometry and representation theory. The online databases that I use most in my research are the LMFDB, the Atlas of finite groups, and Tim Dokchitser's GroupNames project.

I enjoy writing for Math Reviews. To read any of the 50+ reviews I've written, or to access the database in general, you'll need a site license.

Here are some of my favorite mathematical videos:
Serre's Minerva lectures 1, 2, and 3 and Serre on Writing Mathematics Badly
Katz's IHES colloquium
The FLT Conference.