John Cullinan

Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics

Bard College

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Some of my senior thesis students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in mathematics: Andrija Perunicic (Bard '08, PhD Brandeis), Mona Merling (Bard '09, PhD Chicago), Anastassia Etropolski (Bard '11, PhD Emory), Galen Dorpalen-Barry (Bard '15, PhD student at Minnesota), Rylan Gajek-Leonard (Bard '16, Cambridge Part III, PhD student at UMass), Meagan Kenney (Bard '19, PhD student at Minnesota).

My research is primarily in arithmetic geometry and representation theory. The online databases that I use most in my research are the LMFDB, the Atlas of finite groups, and Tim Dokchitser's GroupNames project.

I enjoy writing for Math Reviews. To read any of the 50+ reviews I've written, or to access the database in general, you'll need a site license.

Here are some of my favorite mathematical videos:
Serre's Minerva lectures 1, 2, and 3 and Serre on Writing Mathematics Badly
Katz's IHES colloquium
The FLT Conference.