Discrete Mathematics

(Spring 2018)

CMSC 145 Discrete Mathematics

Class Meetings
§A: T Th 10:10am–11:30am in HEG 106
§B: T Th 11:50am–1:10pm in HEG 102

Office Hours
M W Th 1:10pm–2:30pm in Albee 301

Dedicated Tutor
Jaz: M 6–7:30pm, Th 6–8pm in HEG 106

Math Study Room
Sunday–Thursday, 7–10pm, RKC 111

Assignments Syllabus

Course Description: Discrete mathematics includes those areas of mathematics that are essential to computer science, information theory, combinatorics, and genetics. This course emphasizes creative problem solving, linking language to logic, and learning to read and write proofs. The topics covered include propositional logic, predicate logic, inductive proof, sets, relations, functions, introductory combinatorics and discrete probability. Applications drawn from computation will motivate most topics.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 141 or programming experience.

Text: Discrete Mathematics with Applications (fourth edition) by Susanna S. Epp

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