Senior Project

Bard MATH 401/402 Senior Project

Bard MAT Academic Research Project (ARP)

Chatham College Senior Tutorial Project

Chenyu Chang: (2018 Senior Project)

Clifton Williamson: SADLE [SAY-dul] Spatial Awareness Discourse Learning Environment: A cognitive architecture for Artificial Intelligence (2018 BPI Senior Project)

Robert Molina: Rediscovering Ways to Win With BPO: An Alternative Metric for Determining Success in Major League Baseball (2018 BPI Senior Project)

Lingxin Zhao: A Stochastic Mass Function on the Edges of a Graph (in progress) (2018 Senior Project)

Samuel Audino: Associativity of Binary Operations on the Real Numbers (2016 Senior Project)

Taylor Boone: Abstractions and Analyses of Grid Games (2016 Senior Project)

Ben Al-Dijali: Combinatorial Game Symmetry: Encountering the odd multiple of $k$ (2015 BPI Senior Project)

Hancy Maxis: Game-strategic Analysis: A Linear Algebraic Approach to the Nash Equilibrium, and Application to ``Big Med'' (2015 BPI Senior Project)

William Daniels: Winning NIMbers (2015 BPI Senior Project)

Lara Bradford: Linear Nim Strategies (2015 ARP)

Frank Stortini: POWERful Mathematical Games (2015 ARP)

Maddy Huggins: Frozen with Nimbers (2015 ARP)

Linnette Aviles: Nimbers, Again Revisited(2013 ARP)

David Holmes: Games Mathematicians Play (2013 ARP)

James Munson: The Abelian Sandpile Group: DAGs and the Manhattan Identity (2012 ARP)

Sherin George: Galois Groups of Fibonacci Polynomials (2012 ARP)

Raymond Saade: Take-Away Nimbers Revisited (2012 ARP)

Claire Skrivanos: Pebbling on Directed Grid Cycles (2012 ARP)

Corey Levin: Prime Take Away: An Exploration in Game Theory (2012 ARP)

Becca Kunce: The Green Game: Nim Equivalence (2012 ARP)

Alyssa Ali: Prime Powers of the Fibonacci Sequence under Modular Arithmetic(2011 ARP)

Daniel Grenell: Sophie Germain Primes (2011 ARP)

Jacob Leibold: Nimbers and the Silver Dollar Game (2011 ARP)

Julie Mancini: Nimbers: Periodicity of Three-Step Staircase Games (2011 ARP)

Kristen LaPlante: Take-Away Game Nimbers (2011 ARP)

Nancy Buck: Fibonacci Sequences in Extension Fields (2011 ARP)

Michael Stoops: A Statistical Analysis of Voting Paradoxes and Nonlinear Borda Count Voting Systems (2010 ARP)

Katie Garringer: Fibonacci-like Sequences Modulo $m$ (2010 ARP)

Kristen McLaughlin: Nice Chomp (2010 ARP)

Rebecca Ueno: Fibonacci's Flowers and Factors under Modulus $m$ (2010 ARP)

Reuben Villagomez: Quandles and Finite Fields (2010 ARP)

Chris Watts: What's the Dealo with Elo? Does the ELO rating system really determine the best players? (2009 ARP)

Julie Fetzner: Seeking Patterns in the Iterations of a Voronoi Diagram (2009 ARP)

Kim Corum: Redefining Color: Edge Coloring and Computational Balloon Twisting (2009 ARP)

Kristen Dale: Curious Investigation of Bones \dots (2009 ARP)

Matthew Chapnick: Clearly Musical (2009 ARP)

Riley Gibbs: Monopoly (2009 ARP)

Adam Hanlon (Paco): Limiting Distributions in the Stochastic Game of Life (2008 ARP)

Joseph Biernat: Modeling the NCAA Basketball Tournament with Econometric Techniques (2008 ARP)

Rachell Ashley: Tiling a $23 \times 43$ Rectangle Using $4 \times 6$ and $5 \times 7$ Rectangles (2008 ARP)

Rodolfo Nunez and Rodolfo Elizondo: Analysis of Convergence Rates for the Helmholtz Equation on Singular Surfaces (2008 ARP)

Sarah Lewis: Chomp on Simple Cycles (2008 ARP)

Zenon Borys: A Survey of Quandles and Some of Their Fundamental Properties (2008 ARP)

Aaron Schumacher: Constructions from the Natural Numbers (2007 ARP)

Joe Ochiltree: Fibonacci Cycles modulo $p$ (2007 ARP)

Zach Korzyk: Patterns of Fibonacci Sequences modulo $m$ (2007 ARP)

Junno Lee: Some Finite Models of the Theory of Quandles Considered as Matrices (2007 ARP)

Annie Lerew: Cryptography and $\text{SL}(2,\mathbb{Z})$ (2007 ARP)

Robert Andruskiewicz: NCAA ``March Madness?'': Using Mathematics to Measure Effectiveness of Seeding in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship (2007 ARP)

Tim Miller: Walklength with Leaving (2007 ARP)

Tracy Zaino: Finding Gardens of Eden on a Torus: An Investigation of the Game of Life (2007 ARP)

Marianna Shvartsapel: A Close Look at the Condorcet Paradox (2007 ARP)

Holly Hickling: Nontransitive Dice Revisited (2004 Chatham College Senior Tutorial Project)

Emily Kabbe: Entropy as an Author's Signature (2003 Chatham College Senior Tutorial Project)