STEM Tutoring at Bard

The QL Program at Bard College supports students, primarily through tutoring, who are studying STEM subjects.

About Us: The Quantitative Literacy Program at Bard College supports student success in quantitative courses. Visit our Study Rooms and work with our tutors!

RKC Pods

On top of the RKC Pods


The Biology Study Room meets on top of the pods in RKC, Sunday–Thursday, 7–9pm. There is also an online option, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7–9pm on Google Meet.

The Chemistry Egg

The RKC Chemistry Egg


The Chemistry Study Room meets in the Chemistry Egg in RKC.
Monday 7:45–9:45pm
Tuesday 7–9pm
Wednesday 7–9pm
Thursday TBA



Computer Science

Come to the Computer Science Study Room to meet with a CS tutor, code with your study group, or work on your own. Sunday through Thursday, 7–11pm in RKC.

Albee 106

Albee 106


Study Economics at our Study Room in Albee 106.
Tuesday evening, 7–9pm

Albee Hall

Albee Hall


The Math Study Room is a great place to meet with your study group, study on your own, or consult with a math tutor. The Math Lounge (3rd floor Albee).
Sunday through Thursday, 7-9pm

Physics Study Room

Hegeman (HEG) 107


The Physics Study Room meets in Hegeman (HEG) 105 and 107.
Monday 7-9pm
Tuesday 7-9pm
Wednesday 7-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm

HDR 106

Old Henderson (HDR) 106



One-on-One Tutoring

Please request a one-on-one tutor from this form:

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