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Game Theory -- Projects


The final project for this course involves giving a talk on a topic related to Game Theory. You can work in groups of 2 or 3 people, or you can work by yourself. Here is some basic information:

The presentations will occur on May 10, 15, and 18.

Your talk should focus on explaining the main ideas of your topic clearly, so that the audience (the other members of the class) can understand it. For some of the topics listed below, there is too much material to present in the given time — in that case, you should choose some part of the material to present.


Possible Topics

Here are some possible topics. If you have ideas for other topics, come talk to me. When you decide on a topic, let me know as soon as possible (each group needs to have a different topic, and I'll cross out topics as I learn who is doing which topic). Your topic needs to be a topic that you don't already know, so make sure to choose a topic that you haven't seen in a different class.