Writings, Books, and Articles

Extensive entry on Richard Teitelbaum in new edition of Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, volume 16: www.mgg-online.com/english/E_index.htm

Article by RT: "Improvisation, Computers, and the Unconscious Mind," accepted for publication by the Contemporary Music Review, Routledge, London, England: www.citeulike.org/journal/routledg-gcmr

Cseres, Jozef: book and articles discussing GOLEM and other work published in Hungary (in Hungarian)

"Integrating Extremes: The Music of Richard Teitelbaum", by Rande Raine-Reusch.

Feature article in Musicworks Magazine spring, 2003

Turhanli, Halil, Anarchic Harmony: Return of the Political Avant-garde, (Turkey), Chapter on Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) (in Turkish)

Discussion of Richard Teitelbaum and Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) in Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music, Rob Young, editor, Continuum, 2002

January, 2000
Being Human: Technological Extensions of the Body,
Marsillio Publishers, New York.
(Proceedings of Being Human Conference held at Union Theological Seminary, Fall, 1997)

Pulse Magazine, on MEV

October 4-8, International conference/workshop
"The Relevance of Valuation Practices in the Arts for the Social and Economic Sciences" ;
Villa La Collina, Cadenabbia (Como), Italy, (sponsored by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation)

October, 1999
Article on Musica Elettronica Viva in: The Wire Magazine, London, England


Work discussed in: American Music in the Twentieth Century, by KyleGann, Schirmer Books, 1997

Member of Planning Committee and panelist, Henry Cowell Centennial, Conference and Concerts, organized by Institute of Studies in American Music at Brooklyn College, New York Public Library, The New School, 92nd Street Y and the World Music Institute.

Interview and discussion of work in: Electric Sound: History of Electronic Music, by Joel Chadabe, Prentice-Hall, 1996

Panelist, "Being Human: Technological Extensions of the Limits of the Body", at Union Theological Seminary, New York City

"A Conversation with Robert Moog," Annandale Magazine, Bard College

"Creative Juncture: The Shakuhachi and Experimental Music," (Shakuhachi Music Meets the Computer Age), by Ralph Samuelson, in: Japan Society Newsletter, January-February

"Multimedia: A Tool for Teaching and Learning," by Cynthia Greene, in: Multimedia Today Magazine

"Program Music: Richard Teitelbaum," by Andrew Jones, in: EPULSE!, Issue 1.24 (onlinemagazine)

"Improvisation, Computers and the Unconscious Mind," paper delivered at Computer Music Conference, Simon's Rock College, Great Barrington, MA

"Programming Thick Noise: Interview with Richard Teitelbaum," by Phillip Gelb, in: Nomad: An Inter-disciplinary Journal of the Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Number 4, Tallahassee, Spring, 1993

Extensive discussion of Richard Teitelbaum's work, including recorded examples of his music and computer programs on a companion CD ROM, in Interactive MusicSystems, by Robert Rowe (MIT Press), June 1992

Articles on Richard Teitelbaum's Interactive GOLEM opera, by Dr. Helga de La Motte- Haber and Susanne Winterfeldt, in POSITIONEN, a New Journal of Music, Berlin, Germany, May 1992


"Interview: Richard Teitelbaum," with Marion Delforge, in Les Cahiers de l'Atelier creatif electro- Acoustique Musique, Brussels, Belgium, June 1991

"Special Interview with Richard Teitelbaum: The Possibilities of Improvisation Opened by the Computer," by Toshie Kakinuma and Mamoru Fujieda, in Ongaku Geijutsu (Japan's leading classical music journal), published by Ongaku-no-tomo, Vol. 48. No. 2, Tokyo, Japan,February 1990

Score of IRO WA NIHOEDO reproduced, with discussion of work by Dr.Helga de La Motte- Haber, in Musik und Bildende Kunst, Laaber-Verlag, Germany

"The Arcane Experiments of Richard Teitelbaum," interview with Mark Dery, in Keyboard Magazine, July 1989

"Richard Teitelbaum on the Threshold," in The Voice of New Music, by Tom Johnson, Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, Holland

Statement by Richard Teitelbaum in Die Ars Electronica, Kunst in Zeitsprung, Landesverlag, Linz, Austria

"Intelligente Musikinstrumente," by Helga de La Motte-Haber, in: Musik Psychologie, Florian Noetzel Verlag, Heinrichshofen-Bucher, Wilhelshaven, Germany

Three compositions, CONCERTO GROSSO, IRO WA NIHOEDO, and DIGITAL PIANO MUSIC, reproduced in Meisterwerke der Computerkunst, Verlag H.S. Sauer Ed., Linz, Austria

"Richard (Lowe) Teitelbaum," biographical entry by Joan La Barbara in: The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, Vol. 4; H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie, eds.; Macmillan, London

"The Digital Piano and the Patch Control Language System" (paper delivered at ICMC at IRCAM, Paris, 1984), in Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, William Buxton, ed., Paris, France

"Creative Music in Japan," Swing Journal, Vol. 32, No. 12, Tokyo, Japan

Interview with Richard Teitelbaum in Desert Plants: Conversations with 23 American Musicians, by Walter Zimmerman, Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada Publications, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Two compositions, HI KAESHI HACHI MI FU and THRESHOLD MUSIC, reproduced in Pieces, Michael Byron, ed., ARC, Toronto, Canada

"In Tune: Some Early Experiments in Biofeedback Music", in Biofeedback and the Arts, Results of Early Experiments, D. Rosenboom, Ed., Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada, Toronto, Canada

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"Ecrits de Musica Elettronica Viva," in Actuel, Paris, France

"Musica Elettronica Viva," in Source, No. 3, Music of the Avant Garde, Davis, CA


"Intervallic Relations in Atonal Music," (Master's thesis, Yale University), in The Journal of Music Theory, 9/1, New Haven, CT

"Son Nova 1988: Electronic music of Arel, Davidovsky and Ussachevsky," in Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 3, No. 1, Princeton, NJ