Directions to My Office

My office is Albee 317. Albee is located in the central part of campus. It is north of the main parking lot, and south of Olin. Albee is adjacent to Hegeman and Rose, though it is hard to get from these other two buildings into Albee while staying inside. It is easiest to enter Albee from the outside; there are two main entrances, one on the north side of the building and one on the south side.

After you enter Albee from either of the main entrances, go to the top of the stairs, turn left, go to the end of the hall, and my office is on the left.

In the following campus map, Albee is marked by a red arrow.

Map showing Albee

Schedule for the Current Semester

Ethan Bloch
Professor of Mathematics
Bard College

Office Hours: