Overview of Quantum Gravity

As part of a conference on the various approaches to quantum gravity, I recently gave an overview of Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin Foams:

A more detailed and expansive introduction is available in the "Basics of Quantum Gravity" lectures below.

Introductory Lectures on Quantum Gravity

As part of the Basics of Quantum Gravity series run by the International Society for Quantum Gravity, I recently gave five introductory lectures on Loop Quantum Gravity. These are freely available on YouTube:

Bard Student Senior Projects

Eleanor Turrell, Two Topics in Astrophysics: Exoplanetary Gravitational Mircrolensing and Radio Interferometry


Asymptotics of the 9j-symbol (Mathematica notebook)

Teaching Projects

I am a co-founder of the Compass Project at UC Berkeley. The Compass Project is a program that supports diversity in the physical sciences by bringing together a community of undergraduate and graduate students through exceptional teaching and learning experiences. For the undergraduates, the main focus of Compass is an immersive two-week summer program for incoming freshmen that extends into a semester-long physics problem solving and modeling course, as well as continued mentoring and support throughout their college careers. For the graduate students, Compass provides a unique opportunity to advance their teaching skills and a platform for discussing issues related to physics education and diversity.