BLC 190 Bard College

Algebra, Trigonometry, and Functions

Algebra, Trigonometry, and Functions Workshop Circle cos sin


The second quiz in BLC 190 is on Tuesday, March 27. Here are links to Practice Quizzes and Solutions:

Precalculus Review Notes: Professor Ethan Bloch has created some precalculus review notes. I recommend using these notes as a reference during this course:

Tentative Syllabus

Date Topic Worksheets Homework Course Handouts
Tues 1/30 Algebra Review Worksheet 1 Homework 1 Course Information
Tues 2/6 Functions, Graphs, and Equations of Lines Worksheet 2 Homework 2  
Tues 2/13 Exponents and Logarithms Worksheet 3 Practice Quizzes (and Solutions) Logarithm Handout
Tues 2/20 Triangle Trigonometry, Quiz 1 Worksheet 4 Homework 3  
Tues 2/27 Circle Trignometry Worksheet 5 Homework 4 Unit Circle
Tues 3/6 Exponents and Logarithms (Part 2) Worksheet 6 Practice Quizzes (and Solutions)  
Tues 3/27 Exponential Growth and Decay, Quiz 2 Worksheet 7 Homework 5  
Tues 4/3 Word Problems Worksheet 8 Homework 6  
Wed 4/10 Review Worksheet 9 Practice Final (and Solutions)  
Wed 4/17 Final Exam