All students of the school will be provided with a shared dormitory room in Tewksbury Hall free of charge. There are coin-operated washing machines in the basement.

Check-In Process

Check-In: There will be a check-in table at the North entrance of the Reem-Kayden Center from 2-10pm on Sunday, June 9th (see red circle in the first campus map below). You can initially park in the area circled in blue. The students at the table will check you in. If you are staying in the dorms, we are required to take down your cell phone number for campus security. You will get a keycard that gives you access to the dorm you will be staying in and a brass key to the room (see purple circle on the map). Please always keep both with you. The keycard doubles as your identification as part of a Bard group. Please be sure to return both the keycard and the brass key before you leave campus.

Parking: You can park your car in any legal parking spot on campus for free. The closest parking to your rooms is also highlighted on the Check-In Map below.

If you will be parking on campus we have to record the Make, Model, and Year and the Plate Number and State of your car. These will go to security to ensure that you will not get ticketed.

Campus Maps

North is at the top of these maps.

Check-In Map

Class Map

Labs Map

North is at the right of this map.

Campus Viewed from the East


The school will be providing you with three free dinners. These meals will be: Weather permitting all meals will take place on the grassy knoll just outside the entrace to our classroom (Olin LC 115). If it is raining we will take the food into our classroom.

The lunches that many of you have purchased will take place in Kline commons (see Kline food map below). Even if you did not purchase these lunches, you are welcome to join us in Kline with your own food.

The only other place on campus that you will be able to purchase prepared foods is the Down The Road Cafe (see Cafe food map). They have coffee and a variety of prepared and grilled foods. Their summer hours are: M-Th 8am-7pm, F 8am-5pm, and Sat-Sun 10am-2pm.

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is located near Bard and there are numerous talented chefs and excellent restaurants in the area. Using Google will be more efficient than listing things here, but keep in mind that the three closest towns to Bard are Red Hook, Tivoli, and Rhinebeck. The first two towns can be reached with the Bard shuttle (see below).

Food Maps

ATMs and change machine are also located in the campus center (see Cafe Map)

Kline Food Map

Cafe Food Map

Bard Shuttle Map

The Bard Shuttle

The Bard shuttle is a quasi-hourly campus shuttle that will take you into Red Hook and Tivoli. The closest stop to Tewksbury Hall is at Gahagan (see Bard Shuttle Map above). The shuttle stops at Red Hook Natural Foods and Hannaford's the two closest grocery stores to Bard. You can find the shuttle schedule here.

Additional Maps

Maps for our Taco dinner on Wednesday evening and for Carlo's public lecture on Thursday evening.

Taco Dinner Map

Public Lecture Map

Museum Map

Free Afternoon

A few ideas to consider for your free afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather is predicted to be rainy. North is at the right of this map.

Fisher/Tivoli Bays Map

Check-Out Process

To check out of your room: The bus to Penn State will depart at 10:30am. It is a short walk from the dorm to the bus stop at

Kline South Bus Stop
1397 Annandale Road
Annandale-on-Hudson NY 12504

Kline South Bus Stop Map