Bard College is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, North of New York City. The setting is surprisingly rural given that it is just a two hour train ride from New York City to the area near Bard. You will want to plan your travel in detail as public transportation to Bard's campus involves multiple steps.

This page includes information about how to get to Bard College, including air travel, by train, and driving. It also includes information about the bus to State College Pensylvannia, where the Loops '19 and IGC@25 Multimessenger Universe conferences will be held directly after the summer school, June 17th-21st and June 24th-27th.

Nearest Airports

Three airports serve the greater New York City area:

JFK Airport Website
LaGuardia Airport Website
Newark Liberty International Airport

For all of these airports, there are three additional steps in your travel by public transport. You will need to get from the airport to New York City, from New York City to one of the train stations near Bard, and from that train station to Bard's campus.

The Albany International Airport is located in Albany, New York, an hour's drive North of Bard's campus. There are buses that run from Albany to Kingston, New York, just across the river from Bard. Buses are sporadic and this should be planned carefully.

Albany Airport Website

The Train

The Eastern corridor Amtrak line is one of the more reliable train lines in the United States and is a great way to get from New York City to Bard. You can purchase tickets on Amtrak's website.

If you are coming from New York City, you should purchase a ticket from Penn Station in the city to Rhinecliff station. Rhinecliff is about a 15 minute drive from Bard. If you notify Hal Haggard ("surname" well in advance, he may be able to arrange transport for you from Rhinecliff to Bard. Otherwise, it is a roughly $20 cab fare to the college.


A GPS address for the College:

Bard College
30 Campus Rd.
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

Local Area Taxi Companies

Rhinecliff Annandale Red Hook Taxi—(845) 532-5788
Chariot Taxi Of Red Hook & Rhinebeck—(845) 392-5601
Red Hook - Rhinebeck Cabs—(845) 243-1299
Uber also serves this area.

Bus to Loops '19 after the school

We are chartering a bus to Loops '19 for Sunday, June 16th. This will be free of charge, but you must notify Hal Haggard ("surname" that you will be taking the bus in advance.